Picual (Australia - Bold)

$11.95 each


Our newest addition in the bold intensity category is Picual from Australia. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has grassy with lingering green flavors.  Bitter on the front with a butttery, viscous quality.  Notes of red tomato, banana, and stone fruit.  Slight peppery finish.

Perfect when mixed with a Flying Olive Balsamic Vinegar for a salad, a marinade, or for any cooking or dipping where you want a little extra boldness.

Recipe Disclaimer

Recipes that use this product:

Low Carb Paleo Pilaf

Nutritional Information for this product

Chemistry at Time of Harvest: (April-May, 2014)

Free Fatty Acids (FFA):  0.15

Peroxide Value (PV):   4.8

OLEIC Acid Content:  80.2

Polyphenol Count:  352

Diacyglycerols (DAGs)  97

Definition of Chemistry Terms: