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Six-60 ml bottles (approximately 2.0 fluid oz each) of Flying Olive's premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars packed in a see-through gift box with shred.

A perfect way to try six of Flying Olive's premium products. Use these to brighten up salads, as marinades, to top off pasta,or cooking. Ideas and sample recipes are included for each of the six products.

***** NEW! Taste of the Testaments Premium EVOO’s: Blood Orange, Eureka Lemon, Garlic. Balsamics: Honey Ginger, Fig, and Pomegranate. Taste of France Premium EVOO’s: Eureka Lemon, Garlic, and Herbs de Provence. Balsamics: 18 Year Traditional, Gravenstein Apple, and Lavender.

Salad Lovers Premium EVOO’s: Basil, Blood Orange, Eureka Lemon. Balsamics: Cranberry Pear, 18 Year Traditional, and Strawberry. AutumnFavorites Premium EVOO’s: Blood Orange, Wild Mushroom & Sage, and Roasted Walnut Oil. Balsamics: Red Apple, Maple, and 18 Yr Traditional Chili and Hot Premium EVOO’s: Cayenne Red Chili, Baklouti Green Chili, Harissa, Persian Lime. Balsamics: Honey Ginger Specialty Vinegar: Serrano Honey.

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