Flavor of the Month

Cascadian Wild Raspberry

Happy, Healthy New Year! January, 2019, Flavor of the Month: Our newest balsamic vinegar is the star of our first sale of 2019.  Cascadian Wild Raspberry White Balsamic Vinegar is tangy and tart bursting with the flavor of sweet raspberries. A flavor to remind us that even though winter has just begun, spring is just around the corner! New Year's Resolutions? Want to eat healthier? Cascadian Wild Raspberry Balsamic will help you keep those resolutions without feeling deprived! All those salads you promised you'd eat will be delicious with a drizzle of this luscious balsamic--with or without one of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Wild Raspberry Balsamic is not just for green, spinach, or fruit salads. Try it on chicken, pork, seafood, veggies, and even in sparkling water or an adult beverage! Reduce it for a chicken or pork glaze, sprinkle on fruit skewers or mix it with our Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar and swirl it into your yogurt--only your waistline will know the decadent difference. This month, Cascadian Wild Raspberry White Balsamic is $10.95 for a 200 ml bottle or $14.95 for a 375 ml bottle. Visit us in the store or on-line to stock up.  This offer is valid from January 1-31, 2019.  And as always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or need help with recipes or ordering, please call us at 513-943-1900. Happy New Year!

Try These Recipes!

Wild Raspberry Vinaigrette


Serves: 8

Yield: ½ cup


¼ cup Flying Olive Lemon or Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tbsp Flying Olive Cascadian Wild Raspberry Vinegar

1 Tbsp seedless Raspberry or Strawberry Jam, with or without sugar

½ Tbsp sugar or artificial sweetner, to taste

1 tsp Dijon mustard (country-style works best but use the Dijon you have), more to taste

½ tsp poppy seeds

Pinch of onion powder

Fresh or frozen raspberries, about 2-3 per salad for garnish or 1-2 sliced strawberries (in photo), if desired


Add the ingredients to a jar with a lid and shake to emulsify, or whisk the ingredients together in a small bowl.

Use over mixed greens or a spinach salad. Garnish with fruit, if desired.

Submitted by Barb L.