Simon and Garfunkel Herb Roasted Chicken

Servings: 4-6


1 (4 1/2 lb) chicken, whole

Sea salt

1 1⁄2 tsp dried sage

2 tsp dried rosemary, crumbled

1 1⁄2 tsp dried thyme, crumbled or 1 Tbsp fresh

½ tsp freshly ground black pepper

2 bay leaves

6 Tbsp Flying Olive Herbes de Provence, Rosemary, or Single Varietal of Choice

6 small russet potatoes

6 large shallots, peeled and quartered

3 Tbsp fresh minced parsley (or 3 tsp. dried), divided


Preheat oven to 425. Grease or spray a baking dish large enough to hold the chicken and vegetables with Flying Olive EVOO or cooking spray. In a small bowl, combine the 2 Tbsp minced parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, and black pepper. Set aside.

Quarter the potatoes (do not peel), then cut them into 1/2" slices, half moon shaped. Set aside.

Rub some salt and about 2 tsp. of the herb mixture into the cavity of the chicken. Then place one of the bay leaves into the cavity and tie the legs together so the chicken will hold its shape. Brush the chicken with about 1 Tbsp of Flying Olive EVOO of Choice. Rub some salt on the outside of the chicken. Sprinkle half of the remaining herb mixture over the chicken and place it in the baking dish.

In a large bowl, toss the potatoes and shallots with the remaining Flying Olive EVOO, herb mixture, the remaining bay leaf, crumbled. Mix well. Spoon the vegetables evenly around the chicken in the baking dish. Bake, uncovered for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, turning the veggies occasionally. Bake the chicken until the juices run clear and the legs can be moved easily. Serve, sprinkled with the remaining minced parsley.

Submitted by Barb L.