Pink Goddess Dressing

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Yield: About 1 cup


1 fresh peach, pitted

4-10 fresh strawberries

ΒΌ cup Flying Olive Arbosana or another mild-medium Flying Olive Fruity Single Varietal of choice

2 Tbsp Flying Olive Strawberry Balsamic

2 Tbsp Flying Olive Peach Balsamic

1-2 tsp sweetner of choice


Using a blender, add the peach and about 4 strawberries and blend well until fruit is finely chopped.  Add the Flying Olive Arbosana and Strawberry and Peach Balsamics.  Blend well.  Add sweetner to taste.  Garnish the salad with the remaining strawberries, sliced thin.  Serve.

Submitted by Ben L., Pine Bush, NY