Cucumber and Tomato Herb Salad

Yield: Two salads


1 large cucumber, peeled and sliced the long way into quarters, seeds removed, then medium dice (about 1-1 1/2”)

1 large ripe tomato, medium dice

4-6 green onions, root end removed, white only, sliced thin

3 Tbsp your choice fresh, chopped herbs such as mint, oregano, parsley, and/or a combination plus a few sprigs for garnish, if desired

1 Tbsp Flying Olive Lemongrass Mint, Cranberry Pear, or Jalapeño Balsamic Vinegar

1 Tbsp Flying Olive Persian Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Sugar or Sugar Substitute to taste, if desired

Crumbled feta cheese, if desired


Prepare all the veggies and herbs and place together in a bowl. Whisk the Flying Olive Balsamic Vinegar of Choice and Flying Olive Persian Lime EVOO together in a separate bowl.

If any liquid has gathered in the bowl of veggies, pour it out. Pour the dressing on the salad. Mix and let it sit for a few minutes in the refrigerator to blend spices. Season with salt, pepper, and sweetener as desired (note: The Jalapeño Balsamic is much zestier and will probably require some sweetener)

Serve on a lettuce leaf and garnish with a sprig of fresh herbs and feta cheese, if desired.

Submitted by Barb L.