Red, White, and Blueberry Caprese Salad


Yield: 2-4 Servings


½ a mini seedless watermelon, cut into 1” cubes

2/3 cup blueberries

½-3/4 cup mozzarella, cut into 1” cubes

1 Tbsp Flying Olive Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Approximately 3-4 Tbsp Flying Olive Traditional, Strawberry, or Blueberry Balsamic

4-6 fresh basil leaves, torn, a sprig to garnish, if desired.

Salt and Freshly ground black pepper to taste


Cut the mini watermelon in half. Running a sharp knife around the edge, carefully cut out as much of the watermelon in large chunks as possible. Set aside. Using a tablespoon, scrape the insides of the watermelon. Cut a small slice of the bottom of the watermelon half to form a base for it. This helps it from wobbling when filled.

Cut up the large chunks of watermelon into 1” pieces. Discard any pieces that are small. Add the cubes to a bowl. Add the blueberries and the cheese. Add the Flying Olive Basil EVOO and gently stir. Add salt and pepper, if desired. Place the watermelon, mozzarella, and blueberry salad into the scraped out watermelon half. You will probably have more than needed, but can use it to refill the “bowl.” Refrigerate the watermelon until ready to serve, covering with plastic wrap.

Before serving, garnish with the basil leaves. Then, either drizzle the Flying Olive Balsamic Vinegar of Choice over the watermelon caprese or, if you’d prefer, pass the various Flying Olive Balsamics for each person to choose to drizzle on their own portion. Enjoy!

Submitted by Barb L.