Nocellara (Italy, Robust)

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Nocellara is one of our newest Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Italy.  A native varietal of Sicily, Nocellara has a lovely, distinct fruity aroma with floral hints.  Very robust and pungent with a slight bitterness and spiciness.  Notes of creamy green almond, artichoke, and confectionary notes.  If you like a bold Olive Oil with a little bite and fruitiness, this is for you! 


Nocellara is a great complement to bread, pasta, salads, and vegetables.


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Yellow Potato and Green Bean Salad with Honey Dijon Vinaigrette


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Nutritional Information for this product

Chemistry at Time of Harvest:

Harvest Date October - November, 2018

Free Fatty Acids (FFA): 0.26

Peroxide Value (PV): 5.3

OLEIC Acid Content: 72.4

Polyphenol Count: 307.6

Diacyglycerols (DAGs): 92.1

Definition of Chemistry Terms: