Almond Citrus Cake

YIELD: 8 servings Ingredients: 1 small-to-medium orange 1 lemon 6 ounces whole raw almonds 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 4 eggs... more info

American Flag Pie

Yield: About 8 servings For the "Flag:" 1 premade frozen rolled pie crust such as Pillsbury, thawed 12-16 washed and dried blueberries 3-4... more info

Apple and Fig Turnovers with Red Apple and Fig Glaze

Ingredients: Crust and Filling 4 dried figs, stems remove and finely chopped or 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1/4 cup packed brown sugar 1 ½ Tbsps... more info

Apple Dumplings in Phyllo Dough with Gravenstein Apple Drizzle

Makes: 6 servings Ingredients: Gravenstein Apple Drizzle 1 cup Flying Olive Gravenstein Apple Balsamic Vinegar 1 tsp+ honey, if desired 1 tsp... more info

Aztec S'Mores

Yield: About 4-8 servings Ingredients: About 1-2 Tbsp Flying Olive Cayenne Red Chili EVOO , or Butter , Chipotle , Blood Orange or Flying Olive... more info

Bergamot Sugar

Ingredients: ¼ cup sugar ¼ tsp Flying Olive Bergamot Extra Virgin Olive Oil Food coloring (optional) Directions: Pour sugar into a... more info

Black Cherry Balsamic Ice Cream Sauce

Prep Time: 35 minutes Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 (10-12 ox) jar black cherry or red cherry preserves 1/2 cup dry red wine 1/4 cup Flying Olive's... more info

Blood Orange Brownies

Brownies:   Ingredients: 1 box of Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix (I particularly like Ghiradelli) Substitute the 1/3 cup (or amount directions... more info

Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

Yield: 8 servings Ingredients: 1/3 cup Flying Olive Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus more for greasing pan 1 ¼ cups all-purpose... more info

Cherries Steeped in Balsamic and Red Wine

By Chef Sheila Brockman Ingredients: 2 Tbsp butter 1 small container whipping cream ½ cup white sugar ½ cup dark brown sugar ½... more info

Chocolate Chuck's Decadent Dark Chocolate Pound Cake

T his recipe is dedicated to Chuck who never met a piece of chocolate he didn't like. You can double this and make a two-layer cake if you use... more info

Citrus Chardonnay Pound Cake with Vanilla Glaze

Ingredients: For the cake: 6 eggs 2 1/2 cups sugar 2/3 cup of a mixture (any combination you prefer) of Flying Olive Lemon , Persian Lime , and/or... more info

Cookies with Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

Makes 36 cookies Ingredients: 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 1/3 cup whole-wheat flour 1-1/2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp sea... more info

Double Blueberry and Vanilla Cake

Serves: 12-24 (It all depends) Ingredients: 4 Tbsp Flying Olive Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Flying Olive Single Varietal-mild, or a... more info

Espresso Balsamic Parfait

Ingredients: 1 large banana, sliced, divided 3 Tbs Flying Olive's Espresso Balsamic Vinegar or Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar 1/4 cup honey,... more info