How to Cook Zucchini Spaghetti Noodles

In the photo: Spaghetti Squash Pasta with Shrimp, Tomatoes, and Basil This is a very basic method for zucchini noodles. Other types of veggies, such... more info

Italian Chicken Sausage Pasta

Serves: 4 Ingredients: ½ lb pasta (wagon wheels, rotelli, shown, but any medium-sized pasta will work) 2 tsp Flying Olive Basil, Garlic ,... more info

Lemon Mint Moroccan Couscous

Servings: 2 Ingredients: 2 Tbsp Flying Olive Eureka Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 Tbsp Flying Olive Lemongrass Mint Balsamic Vinegar 1 ½ Tbsp... more info

Lemony Orzo Pasta Salad with Cucumber and Feta

Yield: 4 servings Ingredients: 1-1/2 cups dry orzo pasta 4 Tbsp Flying Olive Milanese Gremolata Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/3 cup Flying Olive... more info

Orrechiete with Smoked Sausage, Tomatoes, and Olives

Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 1 12 oz box Orrechiete Pasta (Little Ears) or medium sized pasta of choice 2 Tbsp Flying Olive Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil... more info

Pasta con aglio e olio

(Pas ta with Garlic and Olive Oil) Make this spicy or not, as you want. BHL Yield: 4 servings Ingredients: ½ box (about 8 ozs) long, thin... more info

Pasta Salad with Arugula, Tomatoes, and Mozzarella

Yield : 6 generous servings Ingredients: 1/2 box pasta, small size such as farfalle shown 3 tbsp Flying Olive Garlic , Tuscan Herb , or Flying Olive... more info

Pasta with Butternut Squash, Sage, and Prosciutto

Yield: 6-8 servings Ingredients: 1 box medium pasta such as Farfalle (bowties) 1/4 cup Flying Olive Wild Mushroom and Sage Extra Virgin Olive Oil ,... more info

Pasta with Roasted Garlic, Beans, and Sausage

Yield: 4-6 main-course servings Ingredients 1 head of garlic, left whole, plus 2 garlic cloves minced 2 Tbsp Flying Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil :... more info

Pasta with Sausage, Artichokes, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Ingredients: 3/4 cup drained oil-packed sun-driedtomatoes 2 Tbsp Flying Olive Single Varietal of choice or Flying Olive Garlic Extra Virgin Olive... more info

Pasta with Shrimp, Lemon, Spinach, and Basil

Serves: 2-4 depending on how much pasta you use (The photo shows a whole box of pasta) Ingredients: 5 Tbsp Flying Olive Basil , Garlic , Lemon , or... more info

Pasta with Tuscan Herb Sauce, Italian Sausage, and Red Wine

Serves: 6-8 Ingredients: 1 box medium pasta such as cavatappi (in photo), penne, shells, farfalle (bow-ties) or your favorite pasta shape 2 Tbsp... more info

Pepper Pasta Salad

A colorful salad just in time for summer! Use the colors of peppers that you have. Barb L. Yield: 4-6 Servings Ingredients: ½ box (4 ozs.)... more info

Porcini Mushroom Fettuccine

Serves 2-3 Ingredients: 1/4 cup Flying Olive Porcini Mushroom EVOO , divided 1 (.5oz) package dried porcini mushrooms (see prep notes below) 2-3... more info

Quick Caprese Pasta

Yield: 2-4 servings Ingredients: ½ box pasta of choice ½ cup fresh basil, plus a few sprigs for garnish 1 small clove garlic (if using... more info