Apricot Pecan Salad

Apricot Pecan Salad Lots of possibilities for this salad. Use your favorite fruit and Flying Olive products.  Barb and Chuck L. Serves: 4 ... more info

Blood Orange and Raspberry Spinach Salad

Yield :  about 1/2 cup of dressing, enough for the 4 salads Dressing: ¼ c Flying Olive Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil ¼ c ... more info

Grapefruit Citrus Spinach Salad

Try several pairings of Flying Olive Oils and Vinegars and taste on a small endive leaf. This will help you decide which combination you like the... more info

Persian Lime and Black Cherry Salad

4 cups of your favorite greens 2 Tbsp Flying Olive Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar 2 Tbsp Flying Olive Persian Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salt and... more info

Apple and Cranberry Salad

The flavors of the apples and cranberries mixed with Flying Olive Balsamics make an unbelievably tasty Waldorf-like Salad. No mayo or fat, unless you... more info

Apple Slaw with Apple Dijon Vinaigrette

This coleslaw recipe is lightened up with crisp apples and green onions and tossed with a simple dressing. Shown in the photo is a turkey burger... more info

Arugula and Avocado Salad with Warm Basil Dressing

Cooking the basil and tomatoes enhances their flavor and juiciness. Perfect for a summertime lunch- Barb L. Serves: 2 2 cups washed and trimmed... more info

Arugula Salad with Lemon, Pecorino, and Onion

Delicious, easy, and fast! Pecorino cheese has a nuttier, softer, and slightly salty flavor compared to Parmesan, but either will work.  Barb L.... more info

Arugula, Plum, and Prosciutto Salad

Vary the fruit you choose with the season. And, of course, have fun experimenting with the Flying Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegar combinations you... more info

Asian Coconut Peanut Salad

Serves: 2 3 Tbsp Flying Olive Coconut Balsamic ¼ tsp ground ginger ¼ tsp garlic powder 1 Tbsp Flying Olive Sesame Oil 1 tsp peanut... more info

Asian-Inspired Cucumber and Radish Salad

Yield: 2 salads Ingredients: 4-5 Radishes, sliced thin ¼ English Cucumber, sliced thin A few slices of red onion, cut into strips 1 Tbsp... more info

Baby Potato Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

This is much like a German Potato Salad where a tangy, mustardy vinaigrette takes the place of mayonnaise. This can be served warm or cold. Barb L. ... more info

Ben's Purple Passion Blueberry Vinaigrette

Yield: about ¼ cup Ingredients: A handful of fresh blueberries, washed and picked over 2 Tbsp Flying Olive Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar 2 Tbsp... more info

Bibb and Radicchio Salad with Three Tomato Vinaigrette

This is a colorful salad using a variety of tomatoes and lettuces. If you don’t have the variety, go with what you have. Note: If you can make... more info

Black-Eyed Peas Salad

Legend says that eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Eve will bring good luck for the coming year.  But whether you enjoy this salad... more info