Aztec S'Mores


Yield: About 4-8 servings


About 1-2 Tbsp Flying Olive Cayenne Red Chili EVOO, or Butter, Chipotle, Blood Orange or Flying Olive EVOO of Choice

8 flour tortillas, small size

Approximately ¾ cup chocolate chips

Approximately ¾ cup of small marshmallows

1 Tbsp cinnamon

¼ cup sugar


Mix together the cinnamon and the sugar together in a small bowl and set aside.

Heat a skillet over med-high heat. Place the Flying Olive EVOO of Choice in a small dish. Lightly brush one side each of 2 tortillas with the Flying Olive Cayenne Red Chili EVOO or EVOO of Choice. Place one tortilla, oiled size down, in the skillet and quickly add about 5-10 small marshmallows to the tortilla being careful not to get them in the pan. Add about 10 chocolate chips, again being careful to keep them on the tortilla. Place the second oiled tortilla on top, oiled side up.

With a heavy spatula (if you have one. I use my barbeque set's spatula) gently press the s'more so that the marshmallows and chocolate chips start to melt. Carefully lift the edge of the tortilla periodically to check and see if the tortilla is getting toasted. When the s'more's contents is melted and the tortilla is toasted, carefully flip the s'more over. Again, gently press the s'more. When the second side is browned, quickly take it out of the pan. After the first s'more is done, you may need to turn down the heat.  Like pancakes, it takes a while for the pan to get just the right temperature.

Sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar. Turn over and sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on the other side. When slightly cool, cut into 4 wedges and serve.

Submitted by Barb L.