Brazilian Butternut Soup


Any winter squash works well in this soup.  There are many options for garnishing: a swirl of coconut milk, toasted sunflower seeds (I used these two together), toasted pumpkin or squash seeds, crumbled queso fresco cheese, roasted corn kernels, chopped tomatoes and cilantro, or several boiled shrimp. BL

Yield: 4 servings

1 large Sweet Dumpling squash or medium butternut squash or any winter squash, peeled, and cut into ½" dice, about 2-3 cups (*see note on a tip to help peel squash below*)
2 Tbsp Flying Olive Cobrancosa EVOO or a mild-medium Flying OliveSingle Variety EVOO
2 Tbsp Flying Olive Chipotle EVOO (Spicier? Try Flying Olive Red Cayenne Chili EVOO, Milder? More Cobrancosa or Flying Olive Persian Lime EVOO)
1 large sweet potato, peeled and cut into ½" dice
1 medium onion, chopped fine, or 1 ½ tsp onion powder
1 Tbsp light brown sugar (or Splenda, Agave nectar, or sweetener of choice)
1 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp dried ginger (optional)
4 cups chicken stock or vegetable stock
1 cup lite coconut milk, more for garnish, if desired (over, please)
Juice of 1 lime, about 2 Tbsp

Salt and pepper to taste
Toppings as suggested above

1. Peel butternut squash, (* put in microwave for 5 minutes to soften peel*) then cut in half lengthwise and remove seeds and the strings.
2. Chop squash into cubes.  Peel sweet potato and chop into cubes. (You need about 6 cups of a combination of these for the recipe).  Peel and dice onion.
3. Place your choice of EVOO's in a stockpot over medium heat.  Add the chopped onion (if adding onion powder instead, do so during next step) and cook, stirring, until onion is soft and fragrant, about 2-4 minutes.
4. Add the squash and sweet potato cubes, sugar, cumin, cinnamon, and ginger to the skillet and cook, stirring often, until vegetables are lightly browned.
5. Add the chicken or veggie stock, season with salt and pepper.  Simmer vegetables over low heat until they are tender, about 15-20 minutes.
6. Once squash and sweet potatoes are cooked through, pour contents through a colander into a large bowl, reserving liquid. Return liquid to stockpot.   Transfer the vegetables to a blender.  Add coconut milk and lime juice to the blender and process until smooth.
7. Add blended mixture back in to the soup while whisking gently over low heat until evenly warmed through. Season with salt and pepper to taste. (If using salted seeds, go easy here!)

8. Garnish as desired (I used a swirl of coconut milk sprinkled with a few toasted sunflower seeds to top off).

Submitted by Barb L.