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Arbequina (Chilean, Med)

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Flying Olive’s Chilean Arbequina is a velvety Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has a buttery texture with the flavors of green banana, green almond, and artichoke. Herbaceous undertones with a little pungency. A hint of pepper lingers on the end.

Mix it with a fruity balsamic such as Flying Olive’s Cranberry Pear, Peach, Gravenstein Apple, or a dark berry Balsamic such as Raspberry for a vinaigrette or marinade.

Chilean Arbequina is versatile and well-balanced. Use on a delicate white fish, seafood, or grilled veggies. Try it on popcorn or to make a perfect dipping oil. Some ideas for using this product: Drizzle on goat or feta cheese. Chilean Arbequina is perfect as a finishing oil over simple pasta or other dishes.

Add one of our Salt Box Sea Salts (available at the Eastgate Store) for a simple, superb meal. Combine with any of our fruity balsamics or Flying Olive’s Aged Traditional Balsamics for an amazing salad dressing.

Perfect for a fruit salad. Delicious over vanilla ice cream. Use in combination with dried or fresh fruit such as figs and pears.

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