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Black Truffle – All Natural

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A ‘tea bag method’ is used to steep ripe truffles for extended periods of time in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This yields a heady, complex, delicious product.  Flying Olive’s Black Truffle Oil has a pungent, nutty, and musky flavor with an intense black truffle flavor.

No extracts or chemicals are used in the production of this oil.

Flying Olive’s Black Truffle Oil complements eggs, rice, polenta, potatoes, veggies, pizza, cheese, soups, ragout, meat, poultry, and lamb.

NOTE: Black Truffle Oil is almost always used as a finishing oil. It is best when drizzled over a dish, just before it is served. Use only a very small amount! Truffle oil is generally not used for cooking as the flavor of the oil is delicate and compromised if exposed to high heat.

This oil pairs well with Flying Olive’s Fig and 18 Yr. Traditional Balsamic Vinegars.

Some ideas for the use of this product:

  • Fantastic in cream-based soups.
  • Pour a little over potatoes, pasta, polenta, risotto, or pizza.
  • Drizzle on scrambled eggs or a cheese omelet.
  • Finish a fish filet, filet mignon, duck breast or lamb with a drizzle of Black Truffle Oil.
  • After cooking popcorn, homemade potato chips, or French fries, toss with salt and a bit of truffle oil for a decadent treat.

Cheryl N: “… black truffle oil finishes almost any dish.  From popcorn cooked in it to pasta sauce made with it to creamy Parmesan polenta with truffle drizzled on top.  It”s better than chocolate or bacon.  Truffle makes everything taste better!  Thanks Flying O for being in Jungle Jims here in Cincinnati!  Love!!”

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