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Dark Chocolate

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Flying Olive’s Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar is rich, thick, and resounds with the complexity of three different chocolates responsible for the depth of its flavor.

This balsamic vinegar complements salads, fruits, chicken, pork, and beef.

Some Flying Olive Oils  that pair well with this Balsamic Vinegar are Blood Orange EVOO, Cayenne Red Chile or Chipotle oil and Lemon Oil.

Some ideas for using this product:

  • Combine with Chipotle or Harissa EVOO for a Latin mole marinade for beef, pork, and chicken.
  • Combine with Blood Orange, Lemon, or Chipotle for a great salad dressing.
  • Drizzle over vanilla gelato, fruit, or ice cream.
  • Add low calorie chocolate zing to your strawberries and other fresh fruit
  • My husband is on a strict no salt diet  He uses the Flying Olive Dark Chocolate Balsamic instead of soy sauce.

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