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Honey Ginger
White Balsamic

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Flying Olive Honey Ginger White Balsamic Vinegar has the sweet taste of honey and the spicy, savory flavor of ginger. This vinegar is light and bright with intense ginger and subtle honey flavors.

Honey-Ginger White Balsamic Vinegar complements salad, fruit, seafood, chicken, pork and rice.

Flying Olive Honey Ginger White Balsamic Vinegar pairs well with Baklouti Green Chili, Blood Orange, Chipotle, Eureka Lemon and Tuscan Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Some ideas for the use of this product:

Marinate cucumbers in Honey Ginger Balsamic for a light, crisp, treat.
Add to bottled or sparkling water for refreshing flavor.
Mix with Flying Olive Toasted Sesame for an Asian marinade, vinaigrette, or stir fry.
Sear tuna or salmon in any Flying Olive’s EVOO, then de-glaze the pan with Flying Olive Honey-Ginger White Balsamic Vinegar and drizzle the glaze over fish.
Great on fruit salads, green salads, or cole slaw.

Our customer, Jim P. from Philadelphia gave us this great idea: Steam carrots…add Flying Olive Pineapple and Honey Ginger Balsamics with a light Flying Olive Olive Oil… toss, and serve.

Barbara F. says, “…thankful for… Honey Ginger Balsamic.  Yummy!”

Erin S. uses white balsamic vinegar to make mashed sweet potato salad.

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