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Picual (Spain, Medium-Robust)

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Currently, one of our BOLDEST tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  It is made exclusively from the Picual olive variety, grown in Andalucia, Spain.

It has intense fruity characteristics, and a round flavor.  Beautiful radiant green color.  A complex oil with hints of tomato vine, apple, fresh grass, and dandelion.

Its flavor is balanced, complex, sweet, bitter, and pungent.  It finishes with a healthy pepperiness that lingers, denoting a high antioxidant (e.g. polyphenol) content.  Bold intensity. Green grass and herbs on the nose with a grassy finish.  Bold pepper and moderate bitterness on the finish.

Perfect when paired with Flying Olive’s 18 Year Traditional, Blueberry, Fig or Blood Orange for a great vinaigrette or marinade.

Some Ideas for using this product:

  • Combine with Coconut Balsamic and drizzle over fresh tomatoes or cucumbers
  • Saute’ fresh fish fillets or chicken tenders
  • Drizzle over potatoes or veggies, add sea salt and a grind of fresh pepper and roast
  • Mix lettuce, fruit, prosciutto, and almonds. Sprinkle with a vinaigrette of Melgarejo Picual, Dijon mustard, and your favorite balsamic vinegar
  • Drizzle on crusty bread with a sprinkle of garlic and fresh tomatoes
  • Our customers have the best ideas!  Denise T. from Amelia, OH suggests mixing 1/4 cup Flying Olive Mission, Melgarejo Picual or the medium-robust single varietal Flying Olive of your choice with 3 Tbsp of Cinnamon Pear Balsamic Vinegar for a marinade.  Add 4- 3/4″ loin pork chops and salt and pepper.  Marinate for about 6 hours. Grill until cooked through.
  • Here’s another great idea from Denise T: Sear a pork tenderloin in Flying Olive Mission, Melgarejo Picual, or the medium-robust Flying Olive Single varietal of choice. Move to a crock pot, add 1 cup of applesauce, 2-3 Tbsp of Flying Olive Red Apple Balsamic and cook on low for 5-6 hours.

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