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White Truffle – All Natural

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Flying Olive’s White Truffle Oil is a connoisseur’s olive oil. It is made in Modena, Italy in an artisan fashion. This olive oil is smooth while also having an unmistakable intense white truffle flavor. It is earthy and buttery and has mushroom and garlic flavors.  Use sparingly!

Flying Olive’s White Truffle Oil complements rice, risotto, pasta, fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs, nachos, hamburgers, and hummus.

This oil pairs well with Garlic EVOO, Flying Olive’s 18 Year Traditional Balsamic, Neapolitan Herb and most dark balsamic vinegars.

Some ideas for using White Truffle Oil:

  • Delicious when added to mashed potatoes.
  • Makes an amazing aioli.
  • Drizzle over warmed bread, for a unique, deep-flavored variation of garlic bread.
  • Try it on grilled cheese sandwiches and in mac and cheese.
  • Excellent on salads and even popcorn!
  • Delicious tossed with pasta and shaved cheese, brushed on roasted vegetables, or added to mashed potatoes.
  • Pour a few drops on a simple salad for a burst of flavor
  • Drizzle a little on a grilled steak

Laura S. from Edgewood, KY, has this great idea: Cut Brussels sprouts in half, tear off a few leaves and place on a baking sheet. Drizzle with your favorite single varietal of Flying Olive EVOO.  Roast at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Remove from oven and drizzle with a little Flying Olive White Truffle Oil. The Brussels sprouts will be tender and the leaves crispy like chips.

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